This project is one that we are most proud to have worked on. BarkPost is a sub-brand of the company Bark&Co which is who makes the popular subscription service BarkBox. BarkPost is their media site which is used to drive conversions for their BarkBox product and to increase their reach. Usterix worked in conjunction with the in-house team at BarkPost to perform ongoing development and maintenance on the BarkPost site. At its peak, this site averaged approximately 50 million page-views a month and at any given point in time had upwards of 10,000 concurrent users. Usterix worked on a multitude of areas of the site including the integrations of Google's DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) as well as integrating custom analytics and data tracking solutions to help analyze the visitors coming to the site via the use of Looker Dashboards and Snowplow. Usterix also worked extensively with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consultants to ensure that the content of the site ranks well in search engines. This work on the BarkPost website spilled over into work on a variety of other items within Bark&Co involving custom integrations with email marketing services such as Sailthru, Emma, and BoomTrain as well as work with custom push notifications for the mobile apps powered by real-time analytics data.


The list of technologies below is not extensive and is just a general list. If you would like a complete list of all the features built into this project along with a list of all the technologies used then shoot an email over to