Data Science

Data science & big data are words that people throw around a lot, and most who claim to be doing both of them are usually doing only one or neither.

At the outset, I want to say that Data Science and Big Data aren’t the same things. Big Data just simply refers to dealing with a lot of data and when I say a lot of data I mean millions and millions of records. Data Science is the process of making sense of that information and using it to support business goals.

At Usterix we deal heavily with both Data Science and Big Data. Over the past 5-6 years, technology has finally gotten to a point where the decisions you make about what your business should do strategically no longer need be a gut decision and can instead be backed up by data.

The decisions you make about the content you should have on your site and how well it is performing are questions that can have definite answers.

The ultimate goal of utilizing this as a business is to spend your marketing dollars more efficiently. Traditionally companies have tried to cast as broad a net as possible with their marketing budgets with no clear way of discerning which avenues are providing the greatest return on investment. By implementing a real data science architecture into your business, you can gain insight into exactly how well each channel is performing and therefore spend money on the marketing channels that provide you the greatest return.

Increasing revenue through optimized marketing is just one potential use of these techniques, there are countless ways that data science can be used to ultimately increase your businesses revenue whether it be through optimized marketing budgets or more efficient workflows generated from increased institutional visibility.

Usterix has helped companies such as Valvoline, Bark&Co and many others down this path, and we’ve seen first-hand the results it provides. If you’re ready to see what we can do for your business, then I urge you to give us a shout I can guarantee the results will speak for themselves.

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