A brand is a company’s story; it’s vital that your business communicates that story to people in the right way. A brand is so much more than a logo or great typeface; It’s about establishing what you want your company’s impression to be in front of your potential customers.

At Usterix we follow a process for branding to ensure that we deliver on all the goals that our clients have.


The preparation stage is where we find out who you are and what your business represents. Reading any initial brief, familiarizing ourselves with your goals and objectives. We learn as much as we can and take all of this information and use it to create a roadmap of where the brand should go and what amazing ideas and proven tactics we have to get it there.


With all of the information provided to us in the preparation phase, we then put “pen to paper” so to speak, laying out the implementation of our roadmap and manifesting all of the ideas we have into a cohesive approach. We go over all of our internal processes to shape and form the best solutions for your brand and identity.


To preface what we do in this phase it’s important to understand that a company is similar to a person in the sense that it has a personality. A company takes on the personality of those who run it and those who are a part of it. Everywhere a company wants to go and everywhere it has been all come together to formulate that businesses personality.

During Intimation, we begin to see how the strategies and plans we have will fit or not fit with your businesses personality. Branding and Identity that works well for Nike will not function in the same way for Adidas because although they do the same thing, their personalities are different. It’s essential that the image we construct of your business is a reflection of the business itself.


This is where we focus on turning all of our “light bulbs” on. We connect ideas with strategy and start to mold concrete plans of implementation that fit your business and your brand. Realistic approaches come to life as we think through every avenue that people might take to get to your brand. Realizing the solution and being aware of all your needs, while having great ways to address these needs. Every avenue has been thought out, long term goals have been digested, the process has delivered us to the point of knowing the who, what, when, where and how.


The idea and solution are verified internally with our team and is brought to you for presentation. We work through this solution we have with you, so you can see first hand the benefits and ideas we have that got us this far in the process. We do some testing to confirm that this new direction is going to work best for your company and approach. After successful testing, we show you firsthand what factors led to why we have chosen that path for your brand.


We take all of the solutions we have built for your company’s identity, integrating them seamlessly as we transition your company into a powerful people facing brand that can reach your customers and have the ability to turn any consumer facing decision in your favor, via the powerful new influence your brand has. Long term goals for successful branding are put into place; then we finish the road map which we give to you for future references. This will make sure you stay within the guidelines of your new and successful brand, things to do and not to do.

Some of our brand building approaches and strategies:

  • Summary
  • Values
  • Audience
  • Word mapping
  • Perceptions of the current brand
  • Competitor research
  • Etymology of the name
  • Brand architecture

We follow the 10 commandments of Emotional Branding.

1.) From Consumers to People

2.) From Product to Experience

3.) From Honesty to Trust

4.) From Quality to Preference

5.) From Notoriety to Aspiration

6.) From Identity to Personality

7.) From Function to Feel

8.) From Ubiquity to Presence

9.) From Communication to Dialogue

10.) From Service to Relationship

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